Specialist Dog Training Services

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Having been trained by the world’s leading authority concerning specialist dogs, our principal trainer Mr.Jas Hayer formed his company Specialist Canine Services Ltd. He has a wealth of experience on his side and over the years he has trained a vast number of dogs for military establishments and government sponsored departments worldwide.

Specialist Canine Services also provide dog obedience training for those who wish to enjoy the company of a well behaved dog.. The end result is a happy, reliable, and obedient dog that can be included in your everyday activities. Imagine how enjoyable your everyday walks would be by a well-behaved dog at your side?

Specialist Services

Specialist Canine Services Ltd. is dedicated to providing world-class canine and specialist security services to governmental, non-government and private entities worldwide. We deliver excellence in our services with a continual focus on exceeding customer expectations.

Pet Services

We are a highly specialised team of dog training experts who work with all types of dogs and their owners. We are based in Cheshire, UK and offer one-to-one dog training, home visits and consultations as well as dog walking services.

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