Family Protection Dog Training

Are you worried about security around your
home, family or business?

Protect your property, family and assets with a highly trained protection dog from
Specialist Canine Services Ltd.

Are you looking for a protection dog for your family who will be a loyal companion with the ability to protect you and your property?

Our protection dogs are first and foremost family companions but highly trained to protect its owner and property on command or where a credible threat is determined. Only the most capable dogs are used for our training program resulting in a well socialised, highly obedient and balanced dog with an even temperament on and off the field.

Our Expertise

Having been trained by the world’s leading authority concerning specialist dogs, our principal trainer Mr. Jas Hayer formed his company Specialist Canine Services Ltd. He has a wealth of experience on his side and over the years he has trained a vast number of dogs for military establishments and government sponsored departments worldwide.

Watch them in action.
Building on his successful career Jas has recently returned from the Middle East where he was engaged as a Dog Training Instructor and Technical Advisor to both Police and Customs.

“We started to research family protection dogs after being burgled, but having a 7 month old baby we were very concerned about introducing such an imposing looking dog to our little family. We spoke to several companies but got the best vibe from Jas, he was clearly very knowledgeable and we liked that he uses his dogs to work rather than just being a breeder.

Ruby was everything that Jas told us, she has the most amazing temperament both with humans and dogs, she is intelligent, house trained and very obedient. It is lovely to walk such a powerful dog and feel relaxed being in complete control. Within just the first few days Ruby felt like part of the family and had bonded well with our existing pet dog.

Being busy people we would never get a puppy or untrained dog again, for us fully trained family protection dogs are the way forward – there was no stress involved and we now get a good nights sleep knowing she is looking after us.”

Other Specialist Canine Services

Security Patrol Dogs

We provide fully insured S.I.A licensed Security Dog Teams to safeguard your business/premises from harm 24hrs/day. This is by far the most cost effective way to protect your business whilst providing the ultimate physical and psychological deterrent against any criminal activity.

Explosives Detection Dogs

Specialist Canine Services Ltd. provides Explosive Detection Dog teams trained to the highest professional standards. Licensed by the Police, our specialist dogs are trained on a wide range of commercial and military explosives.

Family Protection Dogs

Specialist Canine Services Ltd. only uses the most capable dogs for its training programme resulting in a well socialised, highly obedient and balanced dog. Our trained dogs will defend their handlers on command and in situations where a credible threat is determined.