Specialist Dog Training and Services in the UK and Abroad

Specialist Canine Services Ltd. recognises the need to fight the continual threat of international terrorism and to deter the growing use of illicit drugs within your establishment by use of specialist search dogs.

We have formed an alliance with specialist security consultants allowing us to address your security issues and provide you with dog teams and security services that fit your exact needs and mission. Our staff our carefully selected with expertise ranging from specialist dog handlers to security at the highest level including licensed close protection officers.

Security Patrol Dogs

We provide fully insured S.I.A licensed Security Dog Teams to safeguard your business/premises from harm 24hrs/day. This is by far the most cost effective way to protect your business whilst providing the ultimate physical and psychological deterrent against any criminal activity.

Explosives Detection Dogs

Specialist Canine Services Ltd. provides Explosive Detection Dog teams trained to the highest professional standards. Licensed by the Police, our specialist dogs are trained on a wide range of commercial and military explosives.

Drug Detection Dogs

Specialist Canine Services Ltd. specialise in providing Drug Detection Dog Teams of the highest calibre. Our dogs are capable of detecting a wide range of drugs including cannabis, cocaine, heroin, and amphetamines.

Family Protection Dogs

Specialist Canine Services Ltd. only uses the most capable dogs for its training programme resulting in a well socialised, highly obedient and balanced dog. Our trained dogs will defend their handlers on command and in situations where a credible threat is determined.

Residential Security

Specialist Canine Services can provide reliable and professional Residential Security Dog Teams. Our highly trained dog teams are personable, discreet and highly professional, ensuring you the utmost protection.

Trained Dogs For Sale

Specialist Canine Services Ltd. only select the most capable dogs for our training programme, resulting in an obedient, well balanced dog ready to perform its duties upon instruction. Dogs are trained to the highest professional standards.